If you’re in any segment of the death care industry, you are probably well aware by now of the increasing rates of cremation within the United States. More and more funeral directors are finding ways to incorporate cremation into their business plans in order to remain competitive. Breaking into a new or unfamiliar industry area can be daunting, but with the right tools, the transition will be straightforward and seamless.

There are many benefits to opening a franchise instead of an independent startup – from improved chances of success to access to years of accumulated knowledge and experience from experts in the field. One of the biggest draws to the franchise space, however, is that you can be successful with the right model – without building from the ground up.

Here are some of the important aspects that go into getting your cremation franchise up and running:

Finding Real Estate for Your Cremation Franchise

Site selection will be one of the first and most important steps in starting your cremation franchise. There are many components to site selection, and it is no longer solely based on where your target audience lives. Here are some things to keep in mind for effective site selection:

  • Accessibility – Any location you are considering should be easily accessible and easy to find. Great real estate for businesses is located along major roads or highways. You also have the added bonus of increased exposure, so passersby can keep you in mind when they may need your services.
  • Parking – Parking availability is one of the most overlooked and important components to any business locations. If there is not enough parking, potential customers will get frustrated and leave your business before even entering. The rule of thumb for adequate parking is three feet of parking space for each square foot of your location.
  • Costs – Beyond base rent or initial cost, it’s important to consider different expenditures. If you’re purchasing the space, be sure to factor real estate taxes and insurance costs into your budget. If the location is not move-in ready, necessary costs for moving and improving the space should also be considered.

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Equipment and Processes to Hit the Ground Running

Within a franchise model, many of the details that go into the different equipment and processes necessary for your business will already be configured. The price of each item should also be factored into the initial franchise fee, which takes some of the work and responsibility off you. However, understanding all the different equipment and processes necessary for a successful business will help get you started.

The most important piece of equipment you will have for your cremation business will be a retort that meets legal and industry standards. Modern cremation retorts are computerized, with a PC monitoring each stage of the process. This helps ensure proper electrical and mechanical standards have been achieved throughout each individual cremation. Finding the right options can be difficult on your own, so if the equipment is provided to you by your franchisor, you have a great opportunity to get a head start.

Get Started with a Cremation Business

If you’re interested in a cremation franchise business opportunity, Cypress Pointe Cremation is the perfect solution. To learn more, contact Joe@cypresspointecremation.com or call us directly at 618-741-7835.

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