As a cremation business owner, you play a special role in some of the toughest times in a family’s life and are faced with the difficult task of commemorating a loved one. Compliance hassles can burden a cremation business and overshadow the other truly important tasks.

The following tips can help make sure your cremation business is compliant and allow you to focus on other aspects of this growing industry.

State Compliance Laws

Compliance laws will vary state to state. Make sure to research what is expected in the area of your business and be prepared to adhere to those laws and regulations. Certain regulations are enforced federally. For example, all funeral homes are required to adhere to The Funeral Rule. This compliance rule makes it possible for the consumer to choose only those goods and services he wants or needs and to pay only for those he selects, as well as other features like being able to see itemized price lists.

Developing best operational practices can help your business adhere to The Funeral Rule as well as other state and federal cremation regulations. Practices like providing price lists to clients can help provide a dignified service while meeting industry standards. Adopt these early to avoid compliance hassles down the road.

Business Compliance Laws

Each business in the U.S. is held to certain universal compliance laws. Although a cremation business plays a very different role than retail shops, it still needs to adhere to federal business laws. Research which business laws and to what extent these apply to a cremation business. For example, every business, regardless of industry, is held to certain environmental regulations, which are applicable to your cremation business. Pertinent laws include those that govern wastewater discharge and the handling, storage and disposal of chemicals.

Be sure that your cremation business is equipped to satisfy these regulations. Also, make sure to include this adherence in part of your budget, whether that be for initial development or any upgrades necessary.

Consider Franchising

A franchise model allows the business owners to utilize tried and true startup processes and operational best practices. This eliminates the need to develop compliance regulations on your own. A franchise model also gives you tools for training and hiring employees, provides budgeting best practices and opens you up to a whole network of colleagues—whether those be other franchisees or industry thought leaders.

The death care industry is highly sensitive and regulated, which makes franchising a great option for those interested in open their own cremation business.

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